Week 9/10 update!

Here’s my week 9 and 10 Pregnancy Update! I went to my first real doctors appointment last week which was so exciting and we got a photo of the baby! You know you’re pregnant the moment the plus sign comes up but seeing the baby is so surreal! According to my appointment, the doctor thought I was a little bit off on my days which got me all turned around and made me a little behind so that’s why I’m doubling up on weeks. I didn’t want to miss any!  I’m definitely going try to stick with Friday. So far I’ve been having the same symptoms and some more and lots of exciting changes on the way!

So here’s my 9 week and 10 week updates!

P.S: NO bump pictures this week but mostly because there is no bump! I have a photo for myself but nothing changing. I’ll get the hubby in on taking them from now on for next week!

Weeks pregnant: 9 weeks

Size: A green Olive or a Large Cherry!

Total weight gain/measurements: Same weight, maybe gained a pound or two in all the pasta I’ve been eating recently (whoops!)

Maternity clothes: Still wearing my regular clothes but a lot of my tops are tight from my chest going up so much! Some jeans are definitely getting a little tight around the middle.

Stretch marks: Still none!

Sleep: Sleeping is getting a little tougher which sucks because like last week I’m always tired. I’ve actually been having to get up and pee in the middle of the night which I’ve never done before. That was different.

Best moment this week: My husband coming home and taking me out to a lovely dinner. Another doctors appointment and getting the first photos of our baby!

Miss anything: Still really missing the really delicious strong coffee my husband enjoyed this weekend. Also lunch meat on a really delicious cold sub.

Any cravings: I could eat tacos or burritos every day BEFORE pregnancy and it’s surprisingly one food I can always tolerate.

Any movement: none yet

Queasy or sick: YES. It’s become much more frequent this week. Certain foods aren’t okay anymore (like pizza or the smell of cooking meat) and if I don’t eat soon enough after I wake up I’ll struggle with nausea all day long.

Gender: too early

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: This week my nausea has definitely increased, especially after big meals or if I don’t eat often enough. I also definitely feel a little big bigger around the middle and think sooner rather than later a little bump will start showing… that just I’ll notice. Hahah. I’ve also been feeling a lot of stuffiness and congestion but that may be allergies.

Belly button; in or out?: still in

Wedding ring; on or off? On

Happy or moody? Mood swings?  Mostly happy. I was a little moody like last week but mostly happy. I did break my phone and burst into tears cause I lost like text messages but my hubby was really sweet about it. Haha

Looking forward to the most? My bump coming in and starting to buy some baby stuff.

Weeks pregnant: 10 weeks

Size: A prune or a Kumquat?

Total weight gain/measurements: No real weight changes yet. I was up a little last week but this week I’ve been walking more and I think that’s just worked out some of the bloating I’ve been dealing with.

Maternity clothes: Still wearing regular clothing, opting for my biggest jeans and comfiest summer skirts. It’s also getting very, very hot here so I’m trying to keep cool.

Stretch marks: None yet.

Sleep: I definitely need tons of sleep lately and it’s getting more uncomfortable. I can’t sleep on my stomach as well and I’ve had to wake up middle of the night to pee which is NOT like me at all. I also started having the weirdest dreams! Not really baby related just really bizarre.

Best moment this week: I have the weirdest best moment I feel like but I was so happy that I meal planned out our week and we stuck with it and we ate so healthy almost the whole week! The little things sometimes make the best moments. My husband also mowed the lawn and I love a good man doing yard work. 😉 

Miss anything: Definitely sandwich meat still. I love cold sandwiches and subs. I also miss how I used to sleep so deeply. I can sleep about 8-9 hours and still feel like I’ve been up all night.

Any cravings: Nothing wild and crazy. I love sweets anyway so we made an extra trip out for some donuts as a snack. Whoops

Any movement: None yet!

Queasy or sick: A little less! I’ve been making an effort this week to walk a lot more and get in some exercise and make sure I eat lighter, smaller, meals frequently and it’s kept my nausea at bay. The one time I do still get really queasy is at night. It’s like the second I lay down my stomach does back-flips and I need to snack on crackers before I can sleep. 

Gender: too early

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: This week nothing really new has shown up. I’ve had some slight nausea (though some is due to my diary eating aka ice cream even though I’m slightly lactose sensitive). I also have had tons and tons of neck pain and I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy related or just the way I’ve been sleeping. I’ve had some stretching and some slight tenderness/stretching in my groin? The area between my hips, I guess. Whatever you call that. I’m guessing its my uterus growing and everything stretching to make room. 

Belly button; in or out?: still in

Wedding ring; on or off? On

Happy or moody? Mood swings? Um, moody is an understatement I’d say. Some days I’m totally fine and other days I can burst into tears for absolutely no reason or if something does happen I can be a mess. I bruised my toe and it hurt but the second I saw my husband walk in the door it was like I’d sawed off my foot… blubbering mess. I’m so glad he’s good at dealing with me. 

Looking forward to the most? The second trimester which is right around the corner, our next doctor appointment, and definitely still when the bump comes in! Also our big trip to the ZOO! 

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