What I ate Wednesday!

I absolutely LOVE when people share what they eat and what things they buy for groceries. They are some of my favourite blog posts and videos to watch so I thought I would share with you guys what I eat in a typical day.

A little disclaimer: this week had been a nightmare so far… Monday aka the second day of April we had SNOW which was awful, then Tuesday I woke up to my hot water heater leaking so much water it soaked half our bedroom carpet and my daughter wasn’t feeling well either. Today I woke up exhausted and with a migraine so I tried to eat healthily but it was a rough day for sure.


I started with a glass of ice water with lemon. I know people usually say lukewarm water, or hot lemon water is best but I can’t stand warm water except for tea/coffee and I am always thirsty for ice cold water.

Then because I wasn’t feeling too good I know something kind of carby helps me feel a little better. My morning sickness has definitely subsided but some mornings (especially when I have a migraine) I wake up not wanting to eat much. So I had a whole wheat bagel with some cream cheese.

After breakfast, I had a small decaf coffee because I’m an absolute coffee ADDICT but I limit myself a LOT when pregnant for sure. I usually go for decaf but will have one regular here and there. Photo Apr 04, 09 03 59 (1)

Lunch Time! 


Since I had a not so healthy breakfast I had a salad for lunch. This is from the Fit Girls Guide Fitkini book (You can check them out here… I’ve got all their books and their recipes are so easy to follow and delicious.) This is the Pimped Out Greek salad which has spinach, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes, pasta, and a quick salad dressing. It’s supposed to have olives but I don’t like kalamata olives.

I usually add protein… lately I’ve been doing some cooked salmon but I didn’t have the time today. Afterwards, I had a LarBar which I forgot to show a picture of and about 20 pickles which I definitely don’t regret. #pregnancyproblems

Dinner Time! Photo Apr 04, 17 38 06

For dinner, we had one of our favourite meals. I made chicken burrito bowls, which is basically everything in a burrito mixed up in a bowl. My daughter also really loves this meal which is great. I made brown rice, roasted a chicken breast with like taco seasoning on it. Then I sauteed onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers. I also had corn and black beans. My daughter had cucumber with hers and I had tomatoes. A little sour cream and some cheese melted on and you’ve got yourself a burrito bowl! What I love most about these is how customizable they are. You can use whatever you have on hand. My husband loves them as well.

After dinner, I didn’t plan on having anything but I did remember I made some chocolate chip cookies which I couldn’t resist.

I also had water with all my meals. I don’t know exactly how much because I just drink A LOT. I’ve always drunk a lot of water, but when I’m pregnant I drink even more.

So that’s what I ate today! hope you enjoyed!



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