Saying Goodbye again…

I’ve been a bit MIA for a few weeks. One reason is trying to get my daughter into a good nap schedule which has been a major issue since she was born (she’s a very alert and never-wants-to-nap kind of baby). Another reason is my husband leaving on his boat for a time.

Nothing is harder than saying goodbye to a spouse. While I’m extremely thankfully I didn’t suffer PPD (postpartum depression) from having my daughter, I have always struggled with my husband leaving, even for short periods of time. I’ve experienced some my absolute lowest days with him gone. Having to leave him and drive away, back to an empty house (less empty now with our daughter) and knowing the next day he won’t be calling me up to pick him up, or walking through our front door after work for days to weeks really takes a toll on me and my emotions.

This last time has been the hardest knowing not only will I be alone again to live a married life without my husband by my side every night, I also take on the responsibility of a home and a newborn baby with little to no help. The stress of it can really get you down and that last few weeks have been some of toughest I’ve lived through. Being pregnant without him here was nothing compared to taking care of another life. The strain of constantly having to be constantly responsible, in charge and seemingly having no time to yourself but to sleep is hard physically and mentally. I absolutely love being a mother but doing it alone even for this short time, I really commend single mothers.

More importantly, the respect I feel for Military spouses that are left home while their loved ones are out has grown exponentially. Military Spouse appreciation day was just last week and I wish more people were aware not only of the day but of the sacrifices and need for this day.

I’ve been told by many people, ‘You knew what you were getting into when you got married.’ Of course, I was marrying the love of my life. They aren’t talking about that though, they refer to the struggles they’ll never truly understand of a wife saying goodbye to their husbands for months on end, knowing you’ll have the responsibility of a household on your shoulders without your spouse by your side, and the pain of some wives not knowing when or if their spouse will return to them safely. I’m more than thankful my husband comes home to me safe every time he leaves.

So, I’ve been doing what I can these last few weeks to get through the day. I take care to really love and appreciate every day I can stay home and take care of my daughter, who grows leaps and bounds, and count down till my husband can come home to us. I do little things to keep my mood up like finding time for myself (which is hard with a new little one) and find time to unwind but also keep busy. I fight every day to not give in to slumping on the couch and doing the bare minimum just to get myself through the day, sometimes it’s hard to make those choices but I do knowing that in the end my husband will come home to a happier and stronger wife.

I’d love to hear what some of the things you do to keep yourself going through your less than sunny days are!

Till next time!




What I eat in a day!

Hello there! I thought I’d try something new today and do a What I eat in a day! I love seeing what people eat in a day. There are so many interesting things people to see depending on where we’re from. If this goes well I might keep this up every Wednesday.  So here goes!



We were running really low on food because I haven’t done the shopping in a while so I just threw some stuff together. I had two hard-boiled eggs, one plain and one made into a sandwich on an onion roll, dairy free cheese and siracha. I also had a teeny clementine and a cup of coffee with silk almond creamer. I’m lactose intolerant so I don’t eat a lot of dairy.



I went grocery shopping really late in the afternoon and didn’t have lunch so while I was shopping I grabbed a panini from the deli at my grocery store and some chips.



Tonight I decided to make chili. I’m super picky about chili. I don’t like any chili with meat or pretty much any kind other than mine. This one is a recipe I found on Pinterest here Quinoa Chili. It’s mostly tomatoes, some beans and quinoa. Sometimes I add bell pepper too but tonight I kept it simple and followed the recipe. I like cheese and sour cream on mine. Also we sprinkled cilantro on top.

I also took a lactose pill because I’ve recently realized I’m lactose intolerant but I love cheese a lot.



Pretty self-explanatory, I had an apple with some peanut butter and a little cinnamon and a cup of Tazo green tea.

What are some things you like to eat everyday?



Easter has arrived!

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was my daughters first Easter and I’m so excited it’s a gorgeous sunny day! Since it’s only my daughters first Easter I figured she won’t really remember much and I didn’t want to go all out when it came to what she got. I did get her a basket and set it up like the Easter Bunny came but don’t tell… I already gave her all the things I got like last week. I didn’t see a reason to keep things from her. Haha. The basket is just for later down the line.


Sorry it’s such a low quality photo, I had to use my phone last night tot take it.

We got her a cute outfit for Easter (another reason I wanted to give it to her early so she’d fit in it) with a onsie and some cute pants that reminded me of an Easter Egg  (they were sale rack so I don’t think they have them anymore. We also got some new larger pacifiers that she likes, a cute pink sun hat, and a blanky with tags on it (as you can see she’s already been enjoying that, some are frayed haha). I’m pretty sure it almost all came from Target. The hat was Kohl’s and the Pacifiers are Mam brand we got from amazon. It’s the only kind she likes. We have a very picky girl.

She looked so adorable in her cute little Easter outfit and had a very exhausting day with family in the warm weather. What a great first Easter!

I hope everyone has a great Easter!




Missing in Action…

It’s been a very eventful, emotional and long almost year since I’ve posted here and now that life has settled down I’m more than excited to get back in the swing of things. I have so many updates to my life to add here that it’s almost overwhelming to think of all that has changed.

  • My last update was for my 12 week bump date of being pregnant and after many more weeks (and a few extra past my due date) I am not the proud mommy of a beautiful baby girl. There are so many trials and things I’ve learned about being a new mom that I can’t wait to talk about.
  • It’s now spring and besides learning how to be a new mom, I’ve been working hard to spring clean our home and keep it in tip top shape. With a new baby comes lots (and lots and lots) of stuff and not a lot of time to do chores in.
  • Health wise I’ve still some baby weight to lose and discovered a slightly depressing dairy allergy (which now limits my intake of ice cream, my favorite) that I now how to work with so I’m constantly working to deal and learn more about cutting dairy out of my diet and finding better alternatives!

I can’t wait to get back in the swing of blogging our lives and sharing my experiences as a new mom and wife to a sailor.

It’s never to late to start a new resolution, even in the middle of April so here’s to a new start!



Pregnancy Update week 12 (week of 6/11-6/18)

Still just trying to catch up so this is last weeks update. I figured I’d just post up till Friday so I’m up to date rather than combining a bunch into one post.

This weeks been the roughest so far. I had a lot of nausea and migraines. I’m also progressively growing out of my regular clothes. It’s uncomfortable for me to wear my regular jeans all day and a lot of shirts have gotten way to small. Lots of changes happening!

Weeks pregnant: 12 weeks

Size: About the size of a small Plum

Total weight gain/measurements: I keep forgetting to weigh myself!

Maternity clothes: This last week I’ve been struggling to wear my regular clothes. I can still fit in my regular jeans but if I eat anything they get tight and sitting for long periods they get tight and uncomfortable. I have one pair of maternity pants I wore and it was so much better and I also need to shop for some tops because my chest is definitely tight in most of them but I do have a Belly band and it’s a life saver!

Stretch marks: None so far, though I’ve been slacking on slathering myself with lotion. Gotta remember that.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping okay, I usually fall asleep fine but I wake up at exactly the same time every single night to pee between 3:30 and 3:40. 

Best moment this week: We went to see Warcraft the day it came out and it was really good. I also made Pierogies for my hubby on Saturday and we ate them all week and they were sooo good.

Miss anything: Subs. I still want nothing more than a delicious cold grinder with lots of oil and salt and pepper with yummy Ham. I also miss a lot of my clothes. I have a pile of clothes that are getting too small that I love in summer but just can’t fit in.

Any cravings: Well… I’d say a grinder. Haha It’s all I’ve been thinking of but I’m pretty sure deli meat isn’t necessarily the best option. 😦

Any movement: None yet! But I’ve read that the baby is moving a lot, I just can’t feel it yet!

Queasy or sick: YES. So much. If I eat too much I’ll be really nauseous and get bloated. I also can’t eat a lot of stuff still. Mostly things that are acidic like tomato sauce. Pizza is one of my favorite but the sauce makes me really sick. Also I get nauseous if I drink too much water in one sitting… like its sloshing back up in my throat. Gross.

Gender: too early though my hubby is desperate to know… and so am I.

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: Besides the queasiness literally almost this whole month I’ve had issues with really bad headaches. I’m not sure if it’s from pregnancy or allergies but I’ve been having really bad migraines. The worst part is I know that Excedrin will do the trick and take the edge off but it’s not recommended so I’ve been trying to drink lots of water and Tylenol (which doesn’t do as much good). My back is also really sore and tight. I’ve had to use a heating pad some night to relieve the ache.

Belly button; in or out?: still in

Wedding ring; on or off? Technically on, but I had to switch to my other wedding ring (I have a Claddagh Ring from when we got married then a real diamond ring the Hubs got me later) because my skins soooo sensitive it’s making me break out! It’s quite bizarre but the Claddagh ring still fits fine.

Happy or moody? Mood swings?  Slightly moody. We’ve had some stuff going on and an impending trip for my hubby out so we’ve been trying to spend lots of time together.

Looking forward to the most? Our next doctor’s appointment and the second trimester which is so soon!

And a photo of my Fur baby getting an air ride from the Hubs! (he weirdly LOVES being held like that haha)

week 12 photo 1

Till next week!



Pregnancy update week 11! (6/4-6/10)

This post is SUPER late but I wanted to use this week to try to catch up. After I wrote this post about a week and a half or so ago I started suffering from some pretty awful symptoms. I was nauseous, I have had HUGE migraines and neck aches, and my backs been aching like crazy. The First trimester for me was actually pretty easy compared to most people but for some reason this pregnancy didn’t want me to completely sail through. I’ll get more into it in my next update but here’s week 11!

Weeks pregnant: 11 weeks

Size: About a small lime or a golf ball!

Total weight gain/measurements: No significant weight gain, mainly bloating still but pants are DEFINITELY tight.

Maternity clothes: I haven’t had to wear maternity clothing yet but the other night I wore my one pair of maternity pants just to be extra comfortable at the movies and I was really glad. One or two pairs still fit but sitting too long put a lot of pressure on my ever-growing bump.

Stretch marks: Still none yet!

Sleep: At the beginning of this week my sleep was 100 times worse. I couldn’t get comfortable at all till around midnight and then needed to wake up at 3 to pee every night, but by the end of the week it completely turned around and I’ve slept so well and felt really good when I wake up.

Best moment this week: Going to the Zoo with my hubby which was absolutely awesome! They had a huge deer pen where you could feed deer like a Disney Princess.


Miss anything: Not as much this week but I still would love a sandwich.. And sushi.

Any cravings: I always love tacos sooo.. Is it a craving if i’ve always wanted them?

Any movement: None yet.

Queasy or sick: Starting Sunday I got WILDLY sick. I was nauseous, I couldn’t eat anything and it was the worst I’ve felt so far this pregnancy. Then the next Monday and Tuesday it was like I couldn’t keep any food in me. It took till about Thursday when I could eat a solid meal again. Thankfully it’s gotten better and I think I figured out my sensitivity to dairy is taking its toll and I’ve cut back majorly. 

Gender: too early

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: Extremely nauseous from the weekend into the beginning of the week. It was the worst morning/all day sickness I’ve had so far. I’ve also had a lot of neck pain and headaches but I’m thinking it might be due to my allergies. Also lack of sleep when I was sick took a huge tole on me. The worst symptom that’s been new and continuous is a sluggishness, not like tired cause I need a nap but more like my body is running through this sludge. I hope it’s true that the 2nd trimester means a little more energy. 

Belly button; in or out?: still in

Wedding ring; on or off? On (though my skin’s more sensitive and it’s been causing my skin to break out! How weird!) 

Happy or moody? Mood swings? Mood swings for sure. I’m usually happy all the time and then one second I’m be blubbering. Last night my hubby said something to me in conversation and I burst into tears.

Looking forward to the most? The second trimester which is right around the corner and also my baby bump coming in! Also getting baby stuff. 



Week 9/10 update!

Here’s my week 9 and 10 Pregnancy Update! I went to my first real doctors appointment last week which was so exciting and we got a photo of the baby! You know you’re pregnant the moment the plus sign comes up but seeing the baby is so surreal! According to my appointment, the doctor thought I was a little bit off on my days which got me all turned around and made me a little behind so that’s why I’m doubling up on weeks. I didn’t want to miss any!  I’m definitely going try to stick with Friday. So far I’ve been having the same symptoms and some more and lots of exciting changes on the way!

So here’s my 9 week and 10 week updates!

P.S: NO bump pictures this week but mostly because there is no bump! I have a photo for myself but nothing changing. I’ll get the hubby in on taking them from now on for next week!

Weeks pregnant: 9 weeks

Size: A green Olive or a Large Cherry!

Total weight gain/measurements: Same weight, maybe gained a pound or two in all the pasta I’ve been eating recently (whoops!)

Maternity clothes: Still wearing my regular clothes but a lot of my tops are tight from my chest going up so much! Some jeans are definitely getting a little tight around the middle.

Stretch marks: Still none!

Sleep: Sleeping is getting a little tougher which sucks because like last week I’m always tired. I’ve actually been having to get up and pee in the middle of the night which I’ve never done before. That was different.

Best moment this week: My husband coming home and taking me out to a lovely dinner. Another doctors appointment and getting the first photos of our baby!

Miss anything: Still really missing the really delicious strong coffee my husband enjoyed this weekend. Also lunch meat on a really delicious cold sub.

Any cravings: I could eat tacos or burritos every day BEFORE pregnancy and it’s surprisingly one food I can always tolerate.

Any movement: none yet

Queasy or sick: YES. It’s become much more frequent this week. Certain foods aren’t okay anymore (like pizza or the smell of cooking meat) and if I don’t eat soon enough after I wake up I’ll struggle with nausea all day long.

Gender: too early

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: This week my nausea has definitely increased, especially after big meals or if I don’t eat often enough. I also definitely feel a little big bigger around the middle and think sooner rather than later a little bump will start showing… that just I’ll notice. Hahah. I’ve also been feeling a lot of stuffiness and congestion but that may be allergies.

Belly button; in or out?: still in

Wedding ring; on or off? On

Happy or moody? Mood swings?  Mostly happy. I was a little moody like last week but mostly happy. I did break my phone and burst into tears cause I lost like text messages but my hubby was really sweet about it. Haha

Looking forward to the most? My bump coming in and starting to buy some baby stuff.

Weeks pregnant: 10 weeks

Size: A prune or a Kumquat?

Total weight gain/measurements: No real weight changes yet. I was up a little last week but this week I’ve been walking more and I think that’s just worked out some of the bloating I’ve been dealing with.

Maternity clothes: Still wearing regular clothing, opting for my biggest jeans and comfiest summer skirts. It’s also getting very, very hot here so I’m trying to keep cool.

Stretch marks: None yet.

Sleep: I definitely need tons of sleep lately and it’s getting more uncomfortable. I can’t sleep on my stomach as well and I’ve had to wake up middle of the night to pee which is NOT like me at all. I also started having the weirdest dreams! Not really baby related just really bizarre.

Best moment this week: I have the weirdest best moment I feel like but I was so happy that I meal planned out our week and we stuck with it and we ate so healthy almost the whole week! The little things sometimes make the best moments. My husband also mowed the lawn and I love a good man doing yard work. 😉 

Miss anything: Definitely sandwich meat still. I love cold sandwiches and subs. I also miss how I used to sleep so deeply. I can sleep about 8-9 hours and still feel like I’ve been up all night.

Any cravings: Nothing wild and crazy. I love sweets anyway so we made an extra trip out for some donuts as a snack. Whoops

Any movement: None yet!

Queasy or sick: A little less! I’ve been making an effort this week to walk a lot more and get in some exercise and make sure I eat lighter, smaller, meals frequently and it’s kept my nausea at bay. The one time I do still get really queasy is at night. It’s like the second I lay down my stomach does back-flips and I need to snack on crackers before I can sleep. 

Gender: too early

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: This week nothing really new has shown up. I’ve had some slight nausea (though some is due to my diary eating aka ice cream even though I’m slightly lactose sensitive). I also have had tons and tons of neck pain and I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy related or just the way I’ve been sleeping. I’ve had some stretching and some slight tenderness/stretching in my groin? The area between my hips, I guess. Whatever you call that. I’m guessing its my uterus growing and everything stretching to make room. 

Belly button; in or out?: still in

Wedding ring; on or off? On

Happy or moody? Mood swings? Um, moody is an understatement I’d say. Some days I’m totally fine and other days I can burst into tears for absolutely no reason or if something does happen I can be a mess. I bruised my toe and it hurt but the second I saw my husband walk in the door it was like I’d sawed off my foot… blubbering mess. I’m so glad he’s good at dealing with me. 

Looking forward to the most? The second trimester which is right around the corner, our next doctor appointment, and definitely still when the bump comes in! Also our big trip to the ZOO!