Pregnancy update week 11! (6/4-6/10)

This post is SUPER late but I wanted to use this week to try to catch up. After I wrote this post about a week and a half or so ago I started suffering from some pretty awful symptoms. I was nauseous, I have had HUGE migraines and neck aches, and my backs been aching like crazy. The First trimester for me was actually pretty easy compared to most people but for some reason this pregnancy didn’t want me to completely sail through. I’ll get more into it in my next update but here’s week 11!

Weeks pregnant: 11 weeks

Size: About a small lime or a golf ball!

Total weight gain/measurements: No significant weight gain, mainly bloating still but pants are DEFINITELY tight.

Maternity clothes: I haven’t had to wear maternity clothing yet but the other night I wore my one pair of maternity pants just to be extra comfortable at the movies and I was really glad. One or two pairs still fit but sitting too long put a lot of pressure on my ever-growing bump.

Stretch marks: Still none yet!

Sleep: At the beginning of this week my sleep was 100 times worse. I couldn’t get comfortable at all till around midnight and then needed to wake up at 3 to pee every night, but by the end of the week it completely turned around and I’ve slept so well and felt really good when I wake up.

Best moment this week: Going to the Zoo with my hubby which was absolutely awesome! They had a huge deer pen where you could feed deer like a Disney Princess.


Miss anything: Not as much this week but I still would love a sandwich.. And sushi.

Any cravings: I always love tacos sooo.. Is it a craving if i’ve always wanted them?

Any movement: None yet.

Queasy or sick: Starting Sunday I got WILDLY sick. I was nauseous, I couldn’t eat anything and it was the worst I’ve felt so far this pregnancy. Then the next Monday and Tuesday it was like I couldn’t keep any food in me. It took till about Thursday when I could eat a solid meal again. Thankfully it’s gotten better and I think I figured out my sensitivity to dairy is taking its toll and I’ve cut back majorly. 

Gender: too early

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: Extremely nauseous from the weekend into the beginning of the week. It was the worst morning/all day sickness I’ve had so far. I’ve also had a lot of neck pain and headaches but I’m thinking it might be due to my allergies. Also lack of sleep when I was sick took a huge tole on me. The worst symptom that’s been new and continuous is a sluggishness, not like tired cause I need a nap but more like my body is running through this sludge. I hope it’s true that the 2nd trimester means a little more energy. 

Belly button; in or out?: still in

Wedding ring; on or off? On (though my skin’s more sensitive and it’s been causing my skin to break out! How weird!) 

Happy or moody? Mood swings? Mood swings for sure. I’m usually happy all the time and then one second I’m be blubbering. Last night my hubby said something to me in conversation and I burst into tears.

Looking forward to the most? The second trimester which is right around the corner and also my baby bump coming in! Also getting baby stuff. 



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