Pregnancy Update- Week 8

Here’s my 8 week update! There’s no bump there yet (it’s all just a lot of bloating and puffiness) but I’m excited to take tons of photos and see how my body changes over the next months. I’m going to try to upload a weekly update that will most likely be posted every Friday since that’s around the end of each week for me, starting the next on a Saturday! I’m so excited to share this journey with everyone!

Weeks pregnant: 8 weeks

Size: a raspberry! (or a grape or Red Kidney bean)

Total weight gain/measurements: I am going to start measuring this week but last I did weigh  myself I had lost 5 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. Most of this seems to come back by bedtime in bloating and water weight but my nausea and morning all day sickness has kept me from really eating much more than crackers.

Maternity clothes: none yet but I have been favoring yoga pants and sports bras over jeans and real bras.

Stretch marks: No new ones thankfully, and the ones I had before are actually looking 10 times better with my consistent Belly Butter usage. (I’ve been using Palmer’s Cocoa butter and Burt’s Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter)

Sleep:  All the time! I’m always tired especially when I’ve done a lot during the day. I don’t sleep well when my hubby is away but once I’m asleep, I sleep really well.

Best moment this week: Going to the doctors for the first time and getting that all started. Also I ordered and got my first Maternity shirt. (It’s Star Wars!)

Miss anything: I miss being able to sleep comfortably on my stomach, which hasn’t been easy lately and really good strong coffee. Oh and peanut butter, because that’s one food I haven’t been able to stomach thus far.

Any cravings: All fresh everything. The idea of cooking food makes me really queasy so I’ve been eating a lot of fresh veg and snacks so I don’t have to smell things cooking.

Any movement: no

Queasy or sick: YES. when I wake up a lot of the time and if I don’t eat often enough. Also always when I’m in bed at night. Ritz crackers are my best friend right now. 

Gender: Too early

Labor signs: No.

Symptoms: Besides my all day sickness and food aversions, the most obvious symptoms would be a lot of back pain (sort of like a stretchy ache) and some cramp/stretching along my front between my hips. My boobs have also been realllly sore and grown a whole size which is AWFUL.

Belly button; in or out?:  IN.

Wedding ring; on or off? ON

Happy or moody? Mood swings? Really happy especially now that I’ve got appointments for my first ultrasound. I can’t wait to see the little nugget. Besides that I’m super moody, things sorta throw me off and make me sad and weepy. Even the silliest things haha.

Looking forward to the most? My hubby being back home and when I finally pop my belly.




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