Bumpdate: week 19!

Here’s my bumpdate for week 19!
Sorry for not having a picture this week, I’ve been sick all day (I’m still in my pyjamas at almost 2) and of course even on April 6th it’s currently dark, dreary, and snow/raining here so it’s hard to take a nice picture. I promise next week I WILL get a picture up haha.

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain: I have not weighed myself this week since I’ve been having a rough week for sure, but I go to the doctors on Monday and will see what it says!
Maternity clothes?   Still yes. I actually need to buy more cause I only have one pair of pants and a few shirts that still fit.
Sleep: It’s weird how well I sleep yet for some reason some days I wake up feeling like I haven’t slept at all. Lately, I’ve been getting into bed a little early and reading which is nice and puts me to sleep. But maybe the rainy, dark weather had made me feel sleepy. I also have been having really, really vivid dreams. I have always dreamt really intensely but these are ridiculous. haha
Workouts: So one of my goals this pregnancy is to work out more than I did with my first. I ate healthy with her but was pretty lazy honestly. I’ve done some here and there but nothing crazy but April is my month of change and I plan on really starting a more regular routine.
Best moment this week:  We had a really great relaxing Easter on Sunday and I made a great dinner. I also loved all the cuddles and hugs that my daughter has been dishing out lately. Today is also my wedding anniversary. My hubby is not here to celebrate but I got myself some relaxing spa stuff and a lot of fun snacks to enjoy.
Miss anything? Cold grinders. I love Jersey Mike’s so much but I really try to avoid too much cold lunch meat without heating it up. The first thing I ate after I gave birth to my daughter was a giant cold grinder by husband brought me haha.
Food cravings: Still cold stuff. I’m always feeling hot and just want cold fruit, cold drinks, salads.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Eggs, still. Easter was rough. Anything acidic like tomato sauce gives me really bad heartburn.
Gender: Still don’t know but the appointment is only a few days away!
Labour signs: No!
Symptoms: Thankfully a slight change in my diet and drinking more water has helped my headaches some. I’m super tired and have felt around my hips getting sore probably from things stretching and shifting.
Belly button in or out?  Still in. Mine never popped with my first pregnancy.
Happy or moody most of the time:  This week has been… rough. I had a lot of stuff going on this week. Our water heater leaked everywhere and soaked our bedroom rug and at the same time, my daughter was not feeling well so she was really upset and cranky. Then the 6th (today ) is my anniversary and the first one my husband hasn’t been home to celebrate with me so it’s been a lot moodier than other weeks.
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender really really soon and the weather to finally be nice. It’s been so cold and dreary and I just want to go for walks!
That’s all for this week!

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