Pregnancy Update week 12 (week of 6/11-6/18)

Still just trying to catch up so this is last weeks update. I figured I’d just post up till Friday so I’m up to date rather than combining a bunch into one post.

This weeks been the roughest so far. I had a lot of nausea and migraines. I’m also progressively growing out of my regular clothes. It’s uncomfortable for me to wear my regular jeans all day and a lot of shirts have gotten way to small. Lots of changes happening!

Weeks pregnant: 12 weeks

Size: About the size of a small Plum

Total weight gain/measurements: I keep forgetting to weigh myself!

Maternity clothes: This last week I’ve been struggling to wear my regular clothes. I can still fit in my regular jeans but if I eat anything they get tight and sitting for long periods they get tight and uncomfortable. I have one pair of maternity pants I wore and it was so much better and I also need to shop for some tops because my chest is definitely tight in most of them but I do have a Belly band and it’s a life saver!

Stretch marks: None so far, though I’ve been slacking on slathering myself with lotion. Gotta remember that.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping okay, I usually fall asleep fine but I wake up at exactly the same time every single night to pee between 3:30 and 3:40. 

Best moment this week: We went to see Warcraft the day it came out and it was really good. I also made Pierogies for my hubby on Saturday and we ate them all week and they were sooo good.

Miss anything: Subs. I still want nothing more than a delicious cold grinder with lots of oil and salt and pepper with yummy Ham. I also miss a lot of my clothes. I have a pile of clothes that are getting too small that I love in summer but just can’t fit in.

Any cravings: Well… I’d say a grinder. Haha It’s all I’ve been thinking of but I’m pretty sure deli meat isn’t necessarily the best option. 😦

Any movement: None yet! But I’ve read that the baby is moving a lot, I just can’t feel it yet!

Queasy or sick: YES. So much. If I eat too much I’ll be really nauseous and get bloated. I also can’t eat a lot of stuff still. Mostly things that are acidic like tomato sauce. Pizza is one of my favorite but the sauce makes me really sick. Also I get nauseous if I drink too much water in one sitting… like its sloshing back up in my throat. Gross.

Gender: too early though my hubby is desperate to know… and so am I.

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: Besides the queasiness literally almost this whole month I’ve had issues with really bad headaches. I’m not sure if it’s from pregnancy or allergies but I’ve been having really bad migraines. The worst part is I know that Excedrin will do the trick and take the edge off but it’s not recommended so I’ve been trying to drink lots of water and Tylenol (which doesn’t do as much good). My back is also really sore and tight. I’ve had to use a heating pad some night to relieve the ache.

Belly button; in or out?: still in

Wedding ring; on or off? Technically on, but I had to switch to my other wedding ring (I have a Claddagh Ring from when we got married then a real diamond ring the Hubs got me later) because my skins soooo sensitive it’s making me break out! It’s quite bizarre but the Claddagh ring still fits fine.

Happy or moody? Mood swings?  Slightly moody. We’ve had some stuff going on and an impending trip for my hubby out so we’ve been trying to spend lots of time together.

Looking forward to the most? Our next doctor’s appointment and the second trimester which is so soon!

And a photo of my Fur baby getting an air ride from the Hubs! (he weirdly LOVES being held like that haha)

week 12 photo 1

Till next week!



2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update week 12 (week of 6/11-6/18)

  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I was able to wear my wedding ring up until I was about 7 months but it also fit me a little big. I wish I could go see a movie but unfortunately the last one I went to I couldn’t sit through the whole thing and had to get up and stand the last 30 min lol. Well anyways good luck! 😊


    • Thank you! That’s the same reason mine are still fitting! Between pregnancy and the summer heat I’m pretty glad I never got mine resized down like I meant to! Haha unfortunately it’s my skin making it hard to wear anything, it’s so sensitive.
      The one redeeming quality of the theater we have near us is they have these amazing leather recliners that make the movie so much more bearable! Thanks again! 🙂

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