Resolution Update


It’s hard to believe that we’re almost done with the first month of 2016. It feels like we were celebrating Christmas yesterday and thinking about the changes we’d make come the new year.  The real question is how many of us have kept up with them? I wrote earlier this month about some great tips to help make resolutions (or better yet, life changes) that much more achievable and easier to keep. Even with all that research and tips, I found that it doesn’t make me perfect either. It’s been a tough first month but that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept those goals in mind! I thought it would be fun and a good way to be accountable if I kept updating monthly on how my goals are going.

(Keep in mind with this post anything I mention is things I’ve paid for, tested and liked. Nothing I mention in my posts has been given to me so if I approve a product then it’s based off my opinion unless stated.)

One of my favorite goals I set myself was to read more. So far I’m finished one book, half through a second and started a third book. I know, it sounds messy but I recently reacquainted myself with something that is really helping me out with this goal. Audio books have been around for a long time and Audible is one of the greatest resources for them. There are so many codes & ways to try it out for 30 Days and get a book to see how you like it. For my first download I got Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I, like many, have read it a million times but loved it. There’s something exciting about hearing a story read to you.  My next book is Shadow of Night: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy, Book 2) By Deborah Harkness. Having the book read out to me while I can still get stuff done like cleaning the house or folding laundry is so great.

Definitely take a peek over to Audible!

The biggest goal I wanted for this whole year was for my husband and I to eat healthier and get in better shape. Our Christmas holiday and vacation was a mess of eating what we wanted, not a lot of exercise and unhealthy choices (can we say Panda Express three days? YIKES). Of course this was one of those large goals that I then started to break down into easier to handle tasks and goals.

The first little goal we made for ourselves was to get a brand new scale. This was probably my least favorite improvement to our lives. We invested in a gorgeous new scale that does more than tell your weight but does your BMI, and Body Fat percentage which was shocking but a great wake up call for us. We started our month off strong with healthy eating and exercising regularly, pushing each other to stay accountable. It was tough and when both of us fell ill we let that all by the way side and had a Panera binge and lots of movie marathons. We both realized our mistakes and made a vow to really start over because dwelling on our mistakes is not going to help us get to where we want.

My next little goal was to find an exercise routine that works for me. The beginning of the month I started out by getting up early and jumping on our exercise bike. I worked great for me to get fit but was so hard for me to maintain. While I’ll still jump on frequently, it’s not something I felt passionate about so I needed to switch it up, find something I love. I’d heard of Lucy Wyndham-Read on Youtube from a few different sources and had seen what her routines were like. They’re quick High Intensity workouts that target muscle groups to get lean muscles. I just started using her workouts and I love it so far. I was so sweaty!!  She has more than just video workouts, her website has tons of resources and she has books and info to help you get the body you love. Definitely swing by and check her out! Lucy Wyndham-Read I’m really excited to really delve in and see what I can do!

I have so much more to work on this year, so many goals I would love to achieve! So far these are my biggest leaps I’ve taken to really make 2016 the best year yet! I hope this helps keep your goals and who that even when there are setbacks, there are always ways to come back!





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