Serious Crock Pot Love

I have a confession: I host a personal food network show in my kitchen most nights.

It has very few viewers and I’m no Master Chef but I love to cook and try new things. While some days I’ll stand in my kitchen refining my onion chops and accomplishing the perfect sear, some days I’m just not in the mood to slave over a stove. In comes one of my favorite tools in the kitchen on those days when you just don’t have the time to be bothered: my Crock Pot.

Crock pots are one of my favorite pieces of equipment in the kitchen. There are so many options, recipes, and benefits to using a crock pot. Since I just spent an afternoon slow cooking a healthy, hearty meal my husband loved with little effort, I thought I’d rattle off some of the benefits of getting one for yourself:

//One of the best things about slow cookers is that you can use them throughout the year. There are so many different things to use it for from soups in the winter to something low and slow in the summer so you don’t have to use the stove. Do a little research and you can find a use for this kitchen all-star all year long, which also makes it a great investment.

//Another great benefit of crock pots is how much of a time saver they are. When it comes to cooking dinner not everyone has the time to make something healthy and labor intensive. While I may work from home and have no children just yet, my husband’s busy work schedule alone can make timing out a nice dinner difficult. Being able to throw stuff into one pot, turn it on, and not have to think about it for most of the day is one less thing to worry about. You can also prep meals for the freezer that can get popped in the slow cooker for later date, saving you time and effort. A little bit of prep and you can have meals not only ready but ones that will almost cook themselves.

//Easy clean-up is another great time saving benefit of a slow cooker. After all is said and done, I don’t know many people who love cleaning up all the dishes after a meal. Pots and pans, plates, silverware, and all the tools used to prep. Once you get everything in the crock pot there’s ample time for cleaning up the prep and besides dishes and one pot from the slow cooker clean up can be a breeze. Less chores makes for a happy Chelsey.

//I’m always one for saving money, especially on something that’s going to taste great. Sometimes the best kinds of meals are low and slow so being able to use some maybe tougher and less expensive cuts of meat not only can save you money but widen your horizons when it comes to the kinds of meats and meals you try.

//New meats aren’t the only new things you can try with your slow cooker. Over the last couple years I’ve noticed a huge surge in recipes and new ways to use a slow cooker. From soups, slow cooker meats, and stews to molten chocolate cakes, fondue, and apple cobblers there are now a plethora of options to choose from so there’s no reason to fall into a rut and get bored with your slow cooker.

There are so many more benefits to using a slow cooker. It’s definitely one of my most used and best kitchen appliance I own and it’s almost always a hit when I pull it out for a meal. I really hope this helps give you some ideas of the great perks of getting and working with a slow cooker. I can’t wait to share some really great recipes I love to use mine for!

Happy cooking!




2 thoughts on “Serious Crock Pot Love

  1. I’m always in search of new crockpot recipes! I love mine, especially in the summer when I want hot food, but not a hot kitchen!


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