Book challenge update

I meant to post this one for the first week of April but a lot of sick as run rampant through my house.

So, one of my recent goals I set for myself was to get back into reading. Not that I ever stopped reading but I always ended up picking up a book and leaving it for weeks then come back and not be interested. I’d lose interest and turn to something else, mostly Netflix.

Not anymore. While some of my other goals have got a little off track, I’ve stayed the course with my goal of reading. It’s now April and I am on my fourth book of the year.

(Look back at my 2015 Reading Challenge post here to see where my idea came from)

Book # 1 was the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore46555

I’ve seen the movie so there wasn’t many surprises going on in this one.

Book #2 was Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James (a book with numbers in the title)

fifty-shades-of-greyIt took me a very long time to even convince myself to jump on this bandwagon and I was… left speechless after this one. I wasn’t appalled by any means, more shocked. Pretty positive I blushed when I was reading it by myself.

Still yet to see the movie

Book #3 is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (a book by my favorite author I’ve never read)neil_gaiman_neverwhere

Stardust by Neil Gamian is in my top 5 favorite books. Neverwhere takes place in a dark mysterious undercity. It’s about life beneath and amongst the subway systems of London where time isn’t the same as London Above. It was an enchanting story of mystery, magic and intrigue.

Book #4, or my current read is Legacy of the Wolf: Cheysuli Omnibus #2 by Jennifer Roberson

9780886779979I’ve had the three books in this series for a LONG time and have read the first one, Shapechanger’s Song before but never made it to the second one. I actually read the first one before I started this challenge early in January. It’s a fantasy novel with a race of people with a deep connection to their ancestors and the earth  who find a lir (or animal connected to their spirit) they then can change into and speak to through a bond. It’s about the history, present and future of this exciting land. The Legacy of the Wolf is a continuation.

I can’t wait to see this one till the end.

(disclaimer: none of the photos are mine.)

What should I read next?



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