Saying Goodbye again…

I’ve been a bit MIA for a few weeks. One reason is trying to get my daughter into a good nap schedule which has been a major issue since she was born (she’s a very alert and never-wants-to-nap kind of baby). Another reason is my husband leaving on his boat for a time.

Nothing is harder than saying goodbye to a spouse. While I’m extremely thankfully I didn’t suffer PPD (postpartum depression) from having my daughter, I have always struggled with my husband leaving, even for short periods of time. I’ve experienced some my absolute lowest days with him gone. Having to leave him and drive away, back to an empty house (less empty now with our daughter) and knowing the next day he won’t be calling me up to pick him up, or walking through our front door after work for days to weeks really takes a toll on me and my emotions.

This last time has been the hardest knowing not only will I be alone again to live a married life without my husband by my side every night, I also take on the responsibility of a home and a newborn baby with little to no help. The stress of it can really get you down and that last few weeks have been some of toughest I’ve lived through. Being pregnant without him here was nothing compared to taking care of another life. The strain of constantly having to be constantly responsible, in charge and seemingly having no time to yourself but to sleep is hard physically and mentally. I absolutely love being a mother but doing it alone even for this short time, I really commend single mothers.

More importantly, the respect I feel for Military spouses that are left home while their loved ones are out has grown exponentially. Military Spouse appreciation day was just last week and I wish more people were aware not only of the day but of the sacrifices and need for this day.

I’ve been told by many people, ‘You knew what you were getting into when you got married.’ Of course, I was marrying the love of my life. They aren’t talking about that though, they refer to the struggles they’ll never truly understand of a wife saying goodbye to their husbands for months on end, knowing you’ll have the responsibility of a household on your shoulders without your spouse by your side, and the pain of some wives not knowing when or if their spouse will return to them safely. I’m more than thankful my husband comes home to me safe every time he leaves.

So, I’ve been doing what I can these last few weeks to get through the day. I take care to really love and appreciate every day I can stay home and take care of my daughter, who grows leaps and bounds, and count down till my husband can come home to us. I do little things to keep my mood up like finding time for myself (which is hard with a new little one) and find time to unwind but also keep busy. I fight every day to not give in to slumping on the couch and doing the bare minimum just to get myself through the day, sometimes it’s hard to make those choices but I do knowing that in the end my husband will come home to a happier and stronger wife.

I’d love to hear what some of the things you do to keep yourself going through your less than sunny days are!

Till next time!



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