What I eat in a day!

Hello there! I thought I’d try something new today and do a What I eat in a day! I love seeing what people eat in a day. There are so many interesting things people to see depending on where we’re from. If this goes well I might keep this up every Wednesday.  So here goes!



We were running really low on food because I haven’t done the shopping in a while so I just threw some stuff together. I had two hard-boiled eggs, one plain and one made into a sandwich on an onion roll, dairy free cheese and siracha. I also had a teeny clementine and a cup of coffee with silk almond creamer. I’m lactose intolerant so I don’t eat a lot of dairy.



I went grocery shopping really late in the afternoon and didn’t have lunch so while I was shopping I grabbed a panini from the deli at my grocery store and some chips.



Tonight I decided to make chili. I’m super picky about chili. I don’t like any chili with meat or pretty much any kind other than mine. This one is a recipe I found on Pinterest here Quinoa Chili. It’s mostly tomatoes, some beans and quinoa. Sometimes I add bell pepper too but tonight I kept it simple and followed the recipe. I like cheese and sour cream on mine. Also we sprinkled cilantro on top.

I also took a lactose pill because I’ve recently realized I’m lactose intolerant but I love cheese a lot.



Pretty self-explanatory, I had an apple with some peanut butter and a little cinnamon and a cup of Tazo green tea.

What are some things you like to eat everyday?



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