Easter has arrived!

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was my daughters first Easter and I’m so excited it’s a gorgeous sunny day! Since it’s only my daughters first Easter I figured she won’t really remember much and I didn’t want to go all out when it came to what she got. I did get her a basket and set it up like the Easter Bunny came but don’t tell… I already gave her all the things I got like last week. I didn’t see a reason to keep things from her. Haha. The basket is just for later down the line.


Sorry it’s such a low quality photo, I had to use my phone last night tot take it.

We got her a cute outfit for Easter (another reason I wanted to give it to her early so she’d fit in it) with a onsie and some cute pants that reminded me of an Easter Egg  (they were sale rack so I don’t think they have them anymore. We also got some new larger pacifiers that she likes, a cute pink sun hat, and a blanky with tags on it (as you can see she’s already been enjoying that, some are frayed haha). I’m pretty sure it almost all came from Target. The hat was Kohl’s and the Pacifiers are Mam brand we got from amazon. It’s the only kind she likes. We have a very picky girl.

She looked so adorable in her cute little Easter outfit and had a very exhausting day with family in the warm weather. What a great first Easter!

I hope everyone has a great Easter!




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