Big Announcement Time!!

So I’ve been quite absent from blogging for a while now… a few months actually. But now more than ever I’ve got more of a special and exciting reason to start back up again.

Our big news is that we’re…. Expecting!

pregnancy test

We’re both so thrilled for this new and exciting time in our lives, something both my hubby and I are completely new too. I’m also so excited to share my experiences and feelings (good and bad) on here to look back on. I’m sure there will be plenty I forget by the time our little nugget is born.  

I’ve been thinking about posting my announcement post for quite some time (this photo is from awhile back, I’m now around 8 ½ weeks)  but all the usual symptoms of pregnancy have been rearing their ugly head; from nausea to fatigue, cramping and sore boobs (extremely sore mind you!) So thankfully, I’ve finally made it to a point where I’m sitting long enough to post this.

I’m so excited for this journey and I hope everyone enjoys my posts as well.



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