Time for Resolutions

The time is here again. That first month of the year where everyone makes New Year’s resolutions to better themselves… only to forget about them by around March. I’m easily the perfect example of this person. I’m always making promises to myself or saying, ‘I’ll start on Monday…’ but that fateful Monday never comes. We try every year to find new ways to stick to these resolutions but somehow they seem to always end up on a backburner.

Thankfully, with all the resources available, there are a lot of great tools and techniques to help make a goal more achievable for everyone wanting to make 2016 their best year yet. Here are some of my resolutions for 2016 and the ways I’m hoping to keep them this year:

  • Start with a large goal:

We all know the main areas we want to improve on; whether is losing weight and eating healthier, learning a new skill or being super organized, it’s easy to see the big picture and this is a great place to start. What’s more important is where you go from there.

A few of my main resolutions are improving my health, working on our budget, staying more organized in school and work, blogging more regularly and at the same time focusing on some technology free activities like reading and learning a new language.

  • Make sure to be more specific, positive and create achievable goals:

Each of the resolutions I made are huge goals to achieve and it seems like a lot to start out with right away. YIKES! Looking at all my goals makes me think how will I ever achieve any of this and maintain it? One way is to break these goals into smaller, more achievable goals with a deadline. Giving yourself these small steps to achieve by a date gives you that boost you need to keep going.

A perfect example would be my goal to power down more often. Saying I just want to read more isn’t specific enough and doesn’t create something for me to reach, it’s really broad. Narrowing it down to achieving a book a month (instead of playing on my phone) gives me something to feel good about accomplishing.

  • Take advantage of support systems and technology:

Eating healthy and exercising seems to be one of the most made and broken resolutions, but also one that fits this tip the best. If your desire for 2016 is to look your best and get healthy, you’ll be more successful with a great support system encouraging you. Either a friend or loved one trying healthy meals with you, taking walks with you at lunch time or even just  trying out a new app to help track your steps or nutrition could be the difference between thinking you’re doing just okay and pushing yourself to do great.

  • Don’t expect perfection:

Finally one of the biggest ways to keep a resolution is to not expect perfection out of yourself. Even with all the motivation in the world, anyone and everyone could slip up and that’s okay. As perfect as we want to be while reaching our goals, life is still for living so if one day you eat donuts (or a whole bag of Reese’s.. Whoops) or maybe you buy that expensive bag you want rather than saving… don’t beat yourself up and allow yourself bumps in the road. Just wake up the next day, pick yourself up and move on rather than bring yourself down. The only way you’ll succeed is being positive about your goals.

I hope that these tips help you keep your resolutions for 2016! I’ll be working hard to achieve little goals all year so that I make this my best year yet!

Happy New Year everyone!




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