Since I was gone for a little while I thought I’d amp up the posting…

So I’m almost ashamed this wasn’t one of the first posts that I did because it’s pretty much one of the most important things I could ever talk about. Not only is this something I love more than anything, besides my husband of course, in the world but it’s also something that takes up a lot of my time and love (and camera space on my phone.)

What is it you ask? What could this be?

My puppy, Doc!

DSC_0125His full name is The Doctor cause we’re Doctor Who nerds, we’ve had him for a little over a year now and he’s probably the second most important thing in my life asides from my husband. He’s sweet and goofy and a big baby that thinks he weighs about 3 pounds (he’s about 30 times that.. eek!)

I thought why not make everyone happy and just show off a bunch of puppy pictures… so here we go.

About a week after we got him
About a week after we got him
Sleeping little baby.
Sleeping little baby.
Mom, Please stop this.
Mom, Please stop this.
Um, did you say biscuit? I'm pretty sure I heard it.
Um, did you say biscuit? I’m pretty sure I heard it.

So there ya go, the other love of my life. He’s still very much a puppy (though he doesn’t look like it, he sure does act like it) and while sometimes he makes me crazy he makes me smile. There is always more puppy pictures to come. 🙂



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