In recent news: Pollen attacking people in their own homes.

So recently I’ve been a little m.i.a. and for good reason… well sort of: mainly the pollen tumble-weeding across my lawn recently. Spring is in full swing where I live which means everything is growing green and lush and making me extremely ill. I’ve dealt with allergies my whole life but when I was younger the worst I dealt with was a stuffy nose. As I’ve gotten older the symptoms have gotten worse; from my throat feeling like barbed wire to my eyes as dry as sand paper and everything in between.

I thought, now that I’ve successfully opened my eyes and my house is somewhat pollen free (as best it can be) I’d share some of my tips for dealing with the effects of seasonal allergies:

1// Tea and warm drinks.

When allergies hit me, I get an extremely raw and sore throat. One great remedy for this is warm drinks, especially tea and honey. Honey is great because it soothes and coats your throat and can even act as an antibacterial/antiviral if it’s not allergies. Warm tea (especially peppermint) can help soothe the irritation and the warmth and peppermint essential oils help to open and soothe your sinuses.

2// Steamy, hot showers.

Keeping our minds out of the gutter, a steaming hot shower is great when allergies strike. Like the tea, the warmth and moisture from the shower will help soothe and maybe even loosen some stuff blocking those sinuses up (gross but helpful). Even a warm bowl of water or a hot damp cloth over your face can be better than nothing. Another reason it’s important is because think of how much pollen clings to your hair and body when you are outside. Washing that off will help keep the contamination at bay.

3// Clean up, wipe down and vacuum often.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes the stuff still finds its way into your house and that’s why a quick little wipe down of dust prone areas, a sweep of the floor or a vacuum can really make all the difference. When it’s pet’s you’re suffering from try to keep them off couches and beds if you can, the soft materials will hold on to the dander. If you can’t keep them off make sure to wash sheets and blankets often or invest in a bottle of Febreeze Allergen Reducer that reduces, “up to 95% of inanimate allergens…” according to the bottle. They have a fabric and an air version. I just some to try out and it smells great and is supposed to help trap certain allergens. We will see how it works. Or better yet if it’s really bad invest in an air purifier.

(By the way: I am not affiliated or being paid for anything in this post. I purchased this Febreeze product on my own. Just saying)

Remember, if you experience a sniffles here and there or a sore throat these tips will help but if migraines ensue or your bedridden from the effects of allergies, talking to a doctor would be your best option.

Stay strong fellow allergy sufferers…



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