“I love you more than my own skin.”- Frida Kahlo

I thought I would try out a little beauty post and figured I’d stat out really simple.

All my life I have dealt with having extremely sensitive skin. Add to that an allergy to latex and most fragrances in products creating a recipe for disaster. I’ve spent most of my adolescent and adult life (thus far) trying everything under the sun that won’t cause me to break out in acne, rashes or worse. Recently I’ve found some really good products that I love and have been working wonders for my hard to deal with skin.

(FYI: I’m not affiliated with any of these brands and I am by no means an expert on skin or what other people’s skin need. These are products I’ve tried and tested on myself and have liked the results)

//Neutrogena Natural Purifying Scrubfacial scrub

To start off, my skin tends to be oily and rough all at the same time… (I’m telling you, a menace) so it needs a good scrub down every now. Most scrubs are harsh and too rough which dry my skin out making it oiler thus making the problems worse. I love this scrub because it’s pretty gentle, the exfoliating beads aren’t giant rocks that rub my skin raw and it leaves my skin really soft after without feeling super tight and dry.

// Aveeno moisturizer with sunscreen:

moisturizer Most moisturizers are way to heavy and thick on my naturally oiler skin so when I put them on it’s like laying more grease on my skin, especially in the hot summer. I also have really pale skin so covering with a good SPF is important. Aveeno’s moisturizer with SPF 30 has a high enough SPF for me and as thick as the formula is, once it’s on I love how it feels completely soaked in not like it’s sitting on top.

//Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer

moisturizer2If you hadn’t figured out by now I also love my kind-to-skin-less-chemical products. I love looking for any products that have less ingredients that have the potential to react to my skin and Simple is great. At night before bed I don’t want to slather on any sunscreen moisturizer so this simple rich moisturizer is a nice change. The texture is thick and creamy but not greasy and soaks in so fast and doesn’t leave that sticky lotion feel.

//Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

micellar waterI’ve heard talk about Micellar Water for a while and have been keeping my eye out for one. I don’t wear makeup very often mainly because I can’t be bothered past eye liner but when I do I don’t like any left behind at night when I go to bed. I bought this and layered on the foundation like no tomorrow to see how well it worked and I couldn’t be more impressed. My makeup; liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner and mascara just melted off and it didn’t leave my skin feeling gross after, it felt hydrated and so clean. I’m a Micellar Water convert.

These are only a few products I like using. I’m not a very high maintenance person when it comes to beauty (though I love a good lipstick) but I do take the time to try and manage my skin. It’s a constant battle but I think I’m starting to win.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?


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