Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. ~Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

New Years Eve/Day has come and gone for sure, I mean it’s almost May (which is crazy!) but that doesn’t mean that the goals and resolutions we wanted to set are a bust or that bettering yourself can’t be a year-long thing. I am always trying to work to make myself a better person not just to be happier but for my family also. So even though it’s already April I’m setting 5 new goals for myself to achieve.

Here are my 5 goals and then I’ll go into more detail as I work on achieving them:

1// Health and Fitness: I know this seems like two goals but I feel like it’s all-encompassing. It also seems slightly cliché but I was eating pretty healthy recently but let myself slide back into old habits of lots of junk food, eating out a lot and drinking whatever I want (aka lots of sweet tea). My body is 100% telling me it’s not right. My  goal is to not diet but to change my lifestyle little by little so that my husband and I feel better and then live a healthier, longer life.

2// Detox a little from technology: I know this seems the opposite of what someone who’s starting to blog would say but when I say detox from technology I mean it. I want to continue to blog, and use the technology available to us in this day and age (aka beat all the levels in the my games on my phone) but sometimes I spend all my time sitting on my couch watching TV streamed right into my brain rather than sitting in the sunshine reading a book or playing with my puppy. I want to enjoy the things life has to offer outside of my living room a little more.

3// Study hard and get a good job: This is a very long-term goal. Right now I already have Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and a solid resume but no job. I’m currently working hard taking classes from an online school to get a job as a Medical Coder/Biller. It’s challenging and exciting to be doing and I have been working hard for weeks with a good amount left to go. I want very much to work hard, finally finish up all this schooling, and get a job.

4// Learn something new: I love crafting. I love all sorts of hands on projects; sewing, painting, drawing, knitting and I also love learning languages but of recent I’ve been replacing all these really productive and exciting projects again with being lazy and watching tv or playing games on my phone. I want to get back into doing these and maybe even learning something new. Maybe even learn how to speak a new language!

5// Define my style: Looking in my closet is almost like looking into the past, literally, because I haven’t changed size significantly in forever so I have clothes from like highschool. NOT cool when you’re going to be turning (EEK) 25 this year. SCARY. I have always known how I want to look but settle for simple, easy and lazy ways out i.e. jeans and t-shirts, sweatshirts and lots of sweats when I’m home. I love the 1950’s style so I think I might slowly but surely create and define my style. Pinterest has definitely given me tons of good ideas. 😉

I’m so excited to start working on these, and some are already in the works. I can’t wait to see where these take me. Hopefully blogging about it will keep me more accountable and will push me even more to achieve the goals I set myself.

What are some of the goals you want to set yourself? Let me know!



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