5 Military Misconceptions

One of the things that really grinds my gears being in the military is the misconceptions that not only come from TV but that are based off of hearsay and assumptions. Here are 5 common misconceptions I find the worst:

1// All military spouses are cheaters: Military spouses are definitely not the only ones who cheat and the fraction of those who do give everyone else a bad name. I’m happily married to my husband through multitude underways and a long 6 month Deployment. In all that time apart it’s never even crossed my mind to cheat on my husband. A majority of the spouses I know wouldn’t either.

2// Military spouses are lazy and have no ambition: This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Close to 84% of Military spouses have some college education, many with up to a bachelors (25%) and even post-graduate (10%) degrees. That doesn’t sound like lazy unambitious to me. While the rate of unemployment isn’t the best amongst military spouses, it’s not due to lack of smarts rather due to the lack of jobs hiring military spouses knowing there’s the potential for relocating.

I found my statistics here: http://www.ourmilitary.mil/hot-topic/employment-resources-for-our-military-community

3// Saying goodbye gets easier: Saying goodbye to someone you love so much could never be easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time they leave or the hundredth… it hurts the same knowing they are going to be gone, no matter the length of time or how many times you’ve done it.

4// We should have known what we are getting ourselves into: Of course we know what we’re getting into; loving and marrying amazing spouses…. who also happens to work and serve in our military. I’ve had a personal experience with someone saying this to my face and little has hurt me more. It’s the same as saying, ” You knew you’d outlive your dog when you got him” Does that me you don’t adopt him or love him less, no.

5// Military families live lavish lifestyles and get a lot for free: I WISH. If this is true and I wasn’t let in on some big secret please someone tell me. This is definitely not true (since no one’s told me that secret yet). Trust me we pay bills , do our taxes and spend way to much on groceries and gas like the rest of the world.

Like anyone else I don’t appreciate people on the outside making assumptions about my life. My hopes is that we, military spouses and I all over the internet, can educate people and show how many of these TV shows and rumors aren’t always the truth.



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