“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants”- Coco Chanel

So I see blogs with month-long challenges and I enjoy coming back to see their daily progress through out the weeks. I thought I would take it a little more casual and do a weekly post till I, honestly, get more comfortable at blogging.

My challenge is a simple 31 question challenge to give a little more insight into who I am. (I found mine online somewhere)

#1. 10 facts about me and a self-portrait.

So here we go!  Hope you enjoy!

DSC_0219 (2)

  1. I love crafts; sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, cross stitching. anything you can think of. I blame and thank my mother for my obsession.
  2. I collect salt and pepper shakers. My winter collection will be migrating back into the cupboard soon for spring while my black and white pugs will make their appearance.
  3. I love Seinfeld and yes.. the Dingo ate my baby.
  4. I have really a really sensitive stomach, skin and teeth. I’m allergic to latex, grapes, and break out in rashes from most laundry detergents and lotions (even the ones for sensitive skin or the ones that claim to be ‘skin calming’).
  5. I wish I could wear high heels more… But sometimes I just need to be barefoot.
  6. I am a self-proclaimed master chef when it comes to baking.Except brownies. One good batch in ten years… Doesn’t really hit the mark.
  7. I proudly hang the flag of Nerddom in my home (as does my husband). I love superheroes, Star Wars, 12 hour extended edition Lord of the Ring weekend marathons and Harry Potter. I’ve even indulged in a little Star Trek. “Life is too short to be normal…” Famous words of my husband. And so true.
  8. I drink more green tea with a dollop of honey than is probably healthy for one person to drink.
  9. I recently started experimenting with my hair and have made some questionable decisions. I don’t regret the experience I gained but I do regret chosing a color that turned swamp green after two weeks.
  10. My husband is truly my best friend.

It’s not all about me though, I’d love to get to know more about everyone else too!

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