Military Mondays

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When I met and married my husband I knew for sure that I had found the love of my life and I also knew 100% that marrying someone who serves wouldn’t be a piece of cake.

I haven’t had the years of experience that some military wives have ( who are great people to get close to) but it didn’t take long for me to learn what it meant to be a military wife. Important things like love, trust, support and understanding to any marriage are multiplied when your spouse has such a high stress and intense job that not only works them hard but also takes them away for extended times; which can also be hard on the one who gets left behind.

There are so many places to turn to for support as a military spouse: family, friends, other wives you may know, support groups, online and many places on base are all there for you when you need someone.  I personally wanted something different. I wanted to read about others my age going through an almost every day military life like I was. Blogs were that answer.

So like many before me I think for Monday’s I’ll try a military related post, touching on topics that are important to me and everything our life as a Military Couple.

My hope is that people out there will hopefully find my opinions, thoughts and experiences helpful and useful in not only dealing with military life or just even everyday life. I also hope it helps me connect with more women or families who can help me grow and learn as well.

Stay tuned!



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