Is organization the key to success?

organizing edited with watermark

One of the goals I had set myself at the beginning of this year was to be more organized. It was a big order to fill and its one of those jobs I feel will never be done. Just recently I emptied my entire linen closet and realized I indulge in a Bath and Body Works deal a little too often (judging by my basket full of body wash).

There are still definitely areas I need improvement on. A big one is blogging. I have tons of ideas, lots of plans but a lot of them fall through because of my lack of organization, not writing down ideas or no follow through.

So this next week my goal is to get serious.

Here are 5 ways I hope to organize, I hope they help you too

1. Carry a notebook/there’s an app for that idea: I always think up good ideas at the worst times (like while shampooing my hair). Having a notebook for writing everything down, or even an app (I recently downloaded a few to try) to help write down brilliant revelations will keep those ideas from flying away.

2. Plan ahead: I always assumed that bloggers did on the fly posts off the top of their heads all the time…. Um not the case at all. Planning ahead of today means you can have tons of great ideas ready to go. Something helpful could be to print out blank calendars or but a planner, write it all down and you can see your months plan in one glance.

3. Themes aren’t just for parties people: One way that can help you stay more organized is use one day or a month, maybe certain times of the year to help theme your posts. Holidays are an easy one so for February try Love themed posts or branch out and chose a day to be a DIY post day. The sky’s the limit.

4. To do lists for your posts: With great post ideas come more great ideas and with that comes a lot of stuff to get done. I’m not saying everything is a Hollywood production but these things take time. So make a to do list you can work from for each post. I love a list so trust me when I say it’s so satisfying to cross everything off at the end.

5. Have a time and place to work: Right now I’m working on my living room couch with my dog whining for snacks and a TV equip with Netflix staring me in the face… not the best place to work with all these distractions. Make sure and block out a time of the day to work and have your own place where you do it. That designated area will help curb other distractions and you’ll be much more productive.

I hope some of these ideas help you!



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