I think introductions are in order…

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Welcome! My names Chelsey, I’m a 24 years young navy wife who spends hours drawing, painting, crafting and trying to learn new things every day.

shawn and I

My husband Shawn, our sweet puppy Doc and I live happily in our little house in a tiny corner of Connecticut. While my husbands off searching for mermaids with his other sailor comrades, I’m at home crafting up a storm, taking care of the house and our spoiled puppy and finishing up schooling for a career in Medical coding (even though I have a bachelor’s degree in Painting which I mostly use to decorate our house)

For years I’ve been reading different blogs and searching all around for new ones. While doing my online digging for the new and exciting I thought to myself, why not share my experiences with people? Why not start my own blog?

So here we are!

Any family will have stories to tell and insight to give on life but being a navy family comes with its own challenges. One of the main reasons for starting a blog for me is to share with others the ups and downs of military life, being married in the military and really just some of the wonders of life with the cute crazy nutjob I call my husband. I also absolutely love crafting, artwork and trying tons of new things so I will definitely enjoy sharing my experiences of starting new projects, ideas and any new things I find and discover.

I hope that in the future I can help to inspire people and hopefully through my experiences and connecting with people who might just need a friend, we all might just get through life a little bit easier and hopefully I can help some people along the way.



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